Floor care: cleaning hotel and restaurant floors with a scrubber dryer

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Cleanliness and hygiene are key issues, especially when it comes to restaurants, canteens, hotels, wellness centres and other places in the hospitality and catering industry. These are wide, open spaces which

require frequent cleaning, given the large numbers of people they accommodate each and every day.

Floor care should never be left on the back burner, as it is essential to provide guests with a pleasant, memorable experience. For deep, rapid and safe cleaning, a professional and targeted tool such as a scrubber dryer for floors is a great solution. Designed for rapid, targeted action, it is an indispensable tool in the world of on-trade!

Surface and floor cleaning in the on-trade sector

On-trade (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) is a sector where customer experience is very much linked to comfort, cleanliness and well-being. In environments such as hotels, restaurants and canteens, it is of paramount importance to keep floors clean, halo- and stain free and non-sticky.

In these large environments, however, keeping things clean is not an easy task. Broom, mop, dustpan and a lot of elbow grease is not the right combination, nor is it the right way to save time and money. On-trade floor cleaning is time-consuming and, to protect their safety, the public is not permitted access to these areas for some time.

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The solution is to opt for professional tools that can clean in safety even when customers are present, in short time frames and several times per dayScrubber dryers meet the needs of the industry, featuring a system that is easy to use, effective at cleaning and rapid in its results.

Keeping floors sparklingly clean with a scrubber dryer

Scrubber dryers are all-in-one solutions that wash and dryclean and sanitise all types of floors. Hard, resilient surfaces: a variety of easily attachable accessories means that each scrubber dryer can adapt to specific situations, switching from one surface to another without the need to change products.

Rotating brushes treat the surface while the scrubber dryer dispenses a solution of water and detergent. Excess liquid is collected by a squeegee, limiting water loss and leaving surfaces clean, safe and dry and, most importantly, readily usable.

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Scrubber dryers are an excellent solution for floor care since:

  • They reduce working times by more than 50%, making even frequent daily cleaning a breeze.

  • They are easy to use, even when customers are present, owing to a silent and discreet system design.

  • They achieve a greater standard of hygiene, using less water and less detergent. A major advantage in terms of economic and environmental impact.

  • They do not leave floors wet or slippery, thereby protecting the safety of people in the area.

  • Work efficiency is optimised and the area per hour that can be cleaned compared to manual cleaning systems is far higher.

Depending on the different floor cleaning requirements in the on-trade sectortwo scrubber dryer models are available:

  • With an operator on the ground, where the user manoeuvres the device by means of a handle at the rear. This is ideal for cleaning small spaces, such as hotel rooms, corridors, lobbies, lounges, conference rooms, canteens and all areas up to 500m².

  • With an on-board operator, equipped with a comfortable seat and steering wheel, this machine is ideal for larger areas, such as airports, schools, warehouses and areas up to 12,000m². Because of its higher output and extended working time, this is the ideal machine for medium to large areas.

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Safe, sanitised environments in a matter of minutes

Today, more than ever, the issue of hygiene is crucial for all areas, especially those involving large numbers of people. Wellness centres, spas and public swimming pools, as well as restaurants, bars, pubs and canteens are the environments with the greatest health risks.

In these circumstances, it is essential to be able to provide deep, regular cleaning to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, microbes or the accumulation of dirt, sticky liquids or waste on floors. Scrubber dryers for floors, which are easy to operate even by non-specialists, provide deep, rapid, sanitising cleaning.

Diners and customers will enjoy a healthy, clean and germ- and bacteria-free environment at all times, for a wonderful experience in a clean, safe environment!

Deep cleaning with the Sprinter scrubber dryer

Lavor provides a wide range of home & outdoor and professional scrubber dryers. A product that comes highly recommended for its ease of use and professional results is the Sprinter. A walk-behind scrubber dryer ideal for all types of everyday environments, from the office to the home, as well as shops, bars, clubs and wellness centres.

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Floor care is made easy with the Sprinter scrubber dryer, which guarantees the user:

  • Deep cleaning of all surface types using a roller brush, ideal for all floor types, including pre-finished parquet.

  • Compact and complete, not least with its reclining handle that allows cleaning beneath furniture, tables, benches or chairs.

  • Safe and rapid, with instant drying by a powerful suction motor.

The appliance includes a roller brush that is suitable for all types of floorsfront and rear squeegees for both forward and reverse water collection, a parking base and a set of 4 bottles of specialist detergent and a 15-metre extension cable to further simplify handling. It can also be equipped with a carpet brush (optional), which is designed specifically for textile surfaces.

For all groups of people, details make a difference. Exhibiting clean, well-maintained, hygienic and safe environments makes customers feel comfortable and poised for a memorable experience.