Since 1975 we have been one of the leading players in the worldwide Cleaning industry, a long-standing success made possible by the constant effort to bring well-designed products onto the market which satisfy our customers’ needs.
We are specialized in the production of hot and cold water pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, steam generators, and Floor Care products, such as floor scrubber dryers and sweepers.
Thanks to a know-how gained in over forty-five years of activity, our products are among the most reliable, durable and high-performing and our range satisfies any type of use, from home to professional use.

Expertise, Experience and drive for Innovation are our strengths. Passion for our work is what makes us Simply Stronger.


A clean environment makes us feel safe, soothes us and makes us happier.This has always been our goal.
We work with you and for you every day to ensure a cleaner environment and a better world

The Group

Lavorwash was established in Pegognaga, Mantova, where our Headquarters are still located; branches in various countries around the world such as France, UK, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Mexico and China have been added soon. Today, we are part of an International Group present in over 130 countries, boasting a turnover of over 180 million Euros, achieved thanks to a team of 750 people worldwide, able to create synergies and generate new solutions for the market.

Research and development

Our R&D program is focused on constantly improving the performance, durability and quality of our products, as well as developing new models, accessories and services to satisfy the needs of a highly innovative technological market.
First of all, we are committed to developing innovative solutions to meet the challenges that an increasingly globalised society presents us with, such as eco-sustainability, but also the need for ever faster and safer sanitization and cleaning.